7:00 - 8:00 pm, BEGINNERS;

Ballroom and Latin 

8:00 - 9:00 pm, INTERMEDIATES.

Ballroom and Latin 



Address of the Chingford studio:


1 Salisbury Road



E4 6TA


Directly behind Chingford mount funeral directors.





Adult (single's), £35 (per month), for 4 classes.


Adult (couple's), £60 (per month), for 4 classes.


Drop in classes, £10, per person.


Social dance events announced on classes



If you have always wanted to take dance lessons, signing up for group classes is a great place to start!


Dancing is a main element of social activity and offers you benefits such as: meeting people and making new friends, quality exercise and fitness, weight loss, relaxation, better health and physical conditioner and many more!


In a group class you will be taught the steps to the Ballroom and Latin partner dances and be shown how to get them moving round the floor to music.


Group classes start at a beginner level and progress through to advanced!


You can come alone with a partner or with a group of friends!